University of Edinburgh

Sensory Stories and Wellbeing for visual impairment and complex needs


Bailey, Gail
What can you see? Supporting the social development of young people who are blind or partially sighted
RNIB Cymru, 2009
ISBN 9781444500431
This book explains why some children with visual impairment may need additional support to develop their own emotional well-being and to develop and maintain friendships. Practical approaches and resources are offered.

Bailey, Gail & Aubin, Siobhan
Think right/feel good: a short course for promoting well-being in young people with vision impairment
Guide Dogs, 2011
ISBN 9780955926808
A programme of workshops to promote emotional well-being and good social skills in young people with vision problems.

Fowler, Susan
Multisensory rooms and environments: controlled sensory experiences for people with profound and multiple disabilities
Jessica Kingsley, 2008
ISBN 9781843104629
A practical guide to using multisensory environments with ideas and strategies including low cost solutions.

Fowler, Susan
Sensory stimulation: sensory-focused activities for people with physical and multiple disabilities
Jessica Kingsley, 2007
ISBN 9781843104551
Practical activities to stimulate the senses, including food-based activities, personal care and arts and crafts.

Grace, Joanna
Sensory-being for sensory beings: creating entrancing sensory experiences
Routledge, 2018
ISBN 9781911186113
Explains and suggests sensory activities with people who experience the world through sensory methods rather than by typical communication methods. Sessions are aimed to encourage focus and calm.

Longhorn, Flo
Sensology workout: waking up the senses
Flo Longhorn, 2007
ISBN 1900231964
About the use of and development of the senses for learning, particularly for children who have severe disabilities.

Longhorn, Flo (ed)
Making friends with Johanna: communicating with very special people
Flo Longhorn, 2003
ISBN 1900231018
This book describes a family approach to communicating with Johanna, showing how there are many natural ways of communicating with her. Johanna has complex needs.

McPhail, Pete
Soundbeam in special education: movement into music
Soundabout, [2003]
Soundbeam is a musical instrument which can be played by children with special needs through use of movement in space from very minimal such as eye movements through to dancing. This book allows teachers to get the most from their equipment.

Pagliano, Paul
Using a multisensory environment: a practical guide for teachers
David Fulton, 2001
ISBN 1853467162
This book provides teachers and therapists with a user-friendly bank of ideas and suggestions for use in the MSE for pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties. (Series: Resource materials for teachers)


Bolt, Jonathan
'Once upon a time ...': Dinosaurs, the literacy hour and objects of reference
Eye Contact
Autumn 1999, No 25, p11-12
Sensory stories and literacy for children with multiple disabilities.

Denziloe, Judy
Making sense of play: part one
Mar/Apr 2010, No 26, p18-20
Features the types of play that are appropriate in sensory rooms.

Denziloe, Judy
Making sense of play: part two
May/Jun 2010, No 27, p29-31
Explains how to make a really good sensory room and where you can save money by shopping around and using everyday items.

Fenwick, Maggi
Sensitive stories
Jul/Aug 2007, No 10, p30-32
Describes a project to develop and create stories on sensitive topics for children with profound and complex needs. The stories use the Multi-Sensory Storytelling Technique.

Fuller, Chris
With bubble wrap and bottle tops ... how Bag Books began
Jul/Aug 2009, No 22, p14-16
The story behind the creation of the multisensory stories charity "Bag Books".

Hood, Alison
Think right, feel good
Oct/Dec 2011, No 36, p27-28
Well-being workshops instigated by research done by Guide Dogs for visually impaired young people to improve confidence, independence, self-esteem, social skills, mobility and development of social networks.

Marques-Brocksopp, Lorna
Broad reach of the wellbeing debate: emotional wellbeing and vision loss
British Journal of Visual Impairment
January 2012, Vol 30 (1), p50-55
An exploration into the current interest in emotional and physical wellbeing. Looks at different models of wellbeing which could be explored by research and to open up the debate.

McCall, Steve & McLinden, Mike
Literacy journey
Jul/Aug 2009, No 22, p17-18
Considers what is meant by literacy for children with a visual impairment and additional and complex needs and how to provide the right environment for literacy to develop.

McDonald, Suzy & Bell, Judy
Enjoying time together
Jan/Feb 2008, No 13, p27-29
Highlights specialist play centres with multisensory play for families and school groups.

Pagliano, Paul
Pleasure, happiness and learning in the multisensory environment
Nov/Dec 2007, No 12, p32-33
The last of three articles by the author on the enjoyment factor of multisensory environments and the positive effect this has on learning.