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Bibliography - Visually Impairing conditions


Bowman, Richard; Bowman, Ruth; Dutton, Gordon
Disorders of vision in children: a guide for teachers and carers
RNIB, 2001
ISBN: 1858782139
Explains how disorders of visual function can impair visual performance under different circumstances and allows readers to determine how best to devise educational strategies.

Cassin, Barbara
Dictionary of eye terminology (2nd edition)
Triad Publishing, 1990
ISBN: 0937404330
Dictionary of terms and conditions used in ophthalmology

Coakes, Roger & Sellors, Patrick Holmes
Outline of ophthalmology (2nd edition)
Butterworth, 1995
ISBN: 0750617691
Illustrated guide to eye conditions arranged by symptoms and causes, final chapters discuss assessment and treatment.

Corn, Anne L & Erin, Jane N (eds)
Foundations of low vision: clinical and functional perspectives (2nd ed)
AFB, 2010
ISBN: 9780891288831
This textbook considers the functional and the clinical implications of low vision, their impact on the individual, and the ways in which these implications need to be addressed by education & rehabilitation professionals.

Crossman, Heather L
Cortical visual impairment: presentation, assessment and management
North Rocks Press, 1992
Looks at CVI, how it presents and offers management guidelines.  Based on the North Rocks study of 55 children.

Dennison, Elizabeth & Lueck, Amanda Hall
Summit on cerebral/cortical visual impairment: Educational, family and medical perspectives: Proceedings [of the conference held on] April 30, 2005
AFB, 2006
ISBN: 0891288171
Papers and presentations from the conference.

Dutton, Gordon N & Bax, Martin (eds)
Visual impairment in children due to damage to the brain
MacKeith Press, 2010
ISBN: 9781898683865
Authors from many of the major research teams in the field of cerebral visual impairment have been brought together to present a comprehensive view of this important subject.

Gregory, Richard L
Eye and brain: the psychology of seeing (5th ed)
Oxford University, 1998
ISBN: 9780198524120
An introduction to visual perception including: illusion, what babies see and how they learn to see, motion sensing, brain imaging techniques and vision & consciousness.

Khaw, A R & Elkington, P T
ABC of eyes (2nd edition)
BMJ Publishing Group, 1994
ISBN: 0727907662
Brief clinical guide to eye problems including diagnostic examination, describes specific conditions and treatments. Illustrated throughout.

Millodot, Michel & Laby, Daniel M
Dictionary of ophthalmology
Butterworth-Heinemann, 2002
ISBN: 0750647973
Illustrated guide to eye conditions and specialist terminology.

Milner, A David & Goodale, Melvyn A
Visual brain in action
Oxford University Press, 1995
ISBN: 0198524080
Looks at the neural side of vision, the evolution of vision and cites cases where visual deficits are seen in patients who have damage to the brain. Series: Oxford Psychology series; No 27

Murray, Philip I & Fielder, Alistair R
Pocket book of ophthalmology
Butterworth-Heinemann, 1997
ISBN; 0750623713
Quick guide to eye conditions and their diagnosis aimed at undergraduates and general practitioners, accompanied by a pinhole occluder.

O'Neill, Damian
Perkins and Hansell's atlas of diseases of the eye
Churchill Livingstone, 1994
ISBN: 0443048223
Illustrated, introductory guide to eye conditions.

Olver, Jane & Cassidy, Lorraine
Ophthalmology at a glance
Blackwell Science, 2005
ISBN: 9780632064731
Aimed at medical students, this guide will also be of use to GPs and non-ophthalmic consultants as well as professionals who care for people who have eye problems.

Rowe, Fiona
Visual fields via the visual pathway
Blackwell, 2006
ISBN: 9781405115254
An exploration of the relationship between the visual pathway and visual field impairments.

White, Glen
Glossary of terms related to vision and vision impairment in children
RVIB, 2002
20 page document prepared by the Early Childhood Services staff at the Royal Victorian Institute for the Blind.



Blaikie, Andrew & Cloke, Adam
Focus on ... Stargardt disease
Insight Jul/Aug 2009, No 22, p39
Description of the condition and how it affects children.

Blaikie, Andrew & Khan, Ash
Focus on ... Peter's anomaly
Insight Nov/Dec 2009, No 24, p44
Describes a rare disease which begins with a clouding of the cornea.

Blaikie, Andrew; Khan, Ashraf; West, Laura
Focus on ... premature birth and eyesight
Insight Jan/Feb 2010, No 25, p43
Looks at some of the causes and symptoms of vision problems in premature babies.

Childhood Cataract Network (CCN)
Childhood cataracts
Insight Jan/Feb 2009, No 19, p41-44
CCN is a support group for families affected by childhood cataracts, three of their members talk about their experiences of the condition.

Dutton, Gordon
Children with visual processing disorders. Part 1: A different view: Field loss and seeing movement
Insight Mar/Apr 2006, No 2, p12-16
An ophthalmologist's approach to dealing with children who have a visual field loss due to brain damage including practical advice to enable children to make the best use of their sight.

Dutton, Gordon
Children with visual processing disorders. Part 2: difficulty seeing information in complex scenes
Insight May/June 2006, No 3, p21-24
An ophthalmologist's approach to helping children who find it difficult to pick out information from complex scenes due to cerebral visual impairment.

Dutton, Gordon
Children with visual processing disorders. Part 3: difficulties with attention and communication
Insight July/Aug 2006, No 4, p20-24
An ophthalmologist's approach to helping children who find it difficult to communicate and pay attention due to cerebral visual impairment.

Dutton, Gordon
Visual problems in children with brain damage
Eye Contact Summer 1997, No 18, p13-14
Discusses the variety of visual problems that can occur in children with damage to the brain.

Holmstrom, Radhika
NB Mar 2009, No 39, p32-35
Overview of Glaucoma and looks at recent research.

Holmstrom, Radhika
Light sensitivity
NB Apr 2009, No 40, p41-43
An overview of light sensitivity problems experienced by some people.

Holmström, Radhika
NB Nov 2009, No 47, p36-39
Discusses the importance of treating children with a "lazy eye".

Holmström, Radhika
Colour vision deficiency
NB Mar 2008, No 27, p40-43
Describes what colour blindness is and how serious its effects are.

Holmström, Radhika
Diabetic retinopathy: advances in research and treatment
NB March 2011, No 64, p38-41
Looks at the specialist eye problems experienced by diabetic patients.

Holmström, Radhika
Retinal tears and detachment
NB Jan 2010, No 49, p31-34
Explores the facts behind retinal tears and detachment.

Holmström, Radhika
Retinopathy of prematurity
NB July 2010, No 55, p36-38
Premature babies are susceptible to this condition, this article explains the causes and current treatments for ROP.

Holmström, Radhika
Seeing with one eye
NB February 2011, No 62, p38-40
Discusses special problems presented by monocular vision.

Holmström, Radhika
Sight loss from the start
NB May 2011, No 65, p36-39
Outlines a range of sight conditions affecting children and young people including CVI, retinitis pigmentosa, retinopathy of prematurity, cataracts, retinoblastoma and rare syndromes.

Kurtz, Lisa
Visual perception problems
Insight Jan/Feb 2007, No 7, p36-39 
A range of activities for promoting the development of functional vision and perceptual skills for children who have difficulty understanding and interpreting the information they see.

McKillop, Elisabeth ... [et al]
Problems experienced by children with cognitive visual dysfunction due to cerebral visual impairment: and the approaches which parents have adopted to deal with these problems
British Journal of Visual Impairment Sept 2006, Vol 24 (3), p121-127
Provides a detailed account of the approaches which parents described as being helpful in the day to day care of their children with CVI.

Morgan, Joanna
Low vision passport
Insight Sep/Oct 2009, No 23, p25-26
A project to improve services for children with low vision where children are issued with one document that is used by all eyecare staff and teachers to record clinic visits etc and for parents and the child to make their own notes, questions etc.  Project in trial stages.

Norowzian, Mary
Emotional impact of diagnosis
NB Oct 2006, No 10, p20-23
Looks at the role of eye health professionals supporting clients as they come to terms with their diagnoses.

Sablitzky, Jan
Life with Batten disease
Insight Nov/Dec 2009, No 24, p39-40
Describes new findings about the support needs of families affected by Batten disease.

Tobin, Michael J; Hill, Eileen W; Hill, John F
Retinoblastoma and life experience: a new study
NB Nov 2009, No 47, p25-27
An eight-year analysis of people with retinoblastoma, concentrating on academic achievement, employment and intelligence levels.

Woodhouse, Maggie
In perspective
Insight May/Jun 2010, No 27, p39
Strategies for accommodating hearing aids and spectacles with children who need both.