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An Introduction to Visual Impairment and Autism in Children and Young People

This is a bibliography of relevant items in the SSC Library, Ian Bell also maintains an extensive reading list on his website:


Ben-Arieh, Josefa & Miller, Helen J
Educator's guide to teaching students with autism spectrum disorders
Corwin, 2009
ISBN 9781412957762
Evidence-based interventions for educators who are looking for strategies for teaching students with autism spectrum disorders.

Bogdashina, Olga
Sensory perceptual issues in autism and asperger syndrome: different sensory experiences, different perceptual worlds
Jessica Kingsley, 2003
ISBN 1843101661
Focuses on the role of sensory perceptual problems in autism.

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Autism and Visual Impairment Conference (Sensory Series No 5)
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Sensory Series No 5.

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ISBN 041232220X

Gense, Marilyn H & Gense, D Jay
Autism spectrum disorders and visual impairment: meeting students' learning needs
AFB, 2005
ISBN 0891288805
The authors share their experience of working with children who have visual impairments and autism.

Koegel, Robert L & Koegel, Lynn Kern (Eds)
Teaching children with autism: strategies for initiating positive interactions and improving learning opportunities
Paul H Brookes, 1996
ISBN 1557661804
A positive approach to autism which dispels the stereotypes and discusses behavioural characteristics and available interventions.

Lewis, Vicky & Collis, Glyn M (eds)
Blindness and psychological development in young children
BPS books, 1997
ISBN 1854332317
Four area of psychological development are considered: conceptual and linguistic development; reading and related skills; social and emotional development; and autistic-like behaviour.

Martin, Nicole
Art as an early intervention tool for children with autism
Jessica Kingsley, 2009
ISBN 9781849058070
Tips and suggestions for how to provide art therapy for young children with autism.

National Autistic Society
Could this be autism?
Nat Autistic Society, 1995
Aimed at Health and Social Services workers, teachers and anyone who is involved with children. Highlights the key signs to watch for and outlines the support needed.

Pring, Linda (Ed)
Autism and blindness: research and reflections
Whurr, 2005
ISBN 1861564449
Experts explore the similarities and differences between autism and blindness and look at the effects and therapy of a combination of both conditions.

Trevarthen, Colwyn; Aitken, Kenneth; Papoudi, Despia; Robarts, Jacqueline
Children with autism: diagnosis and interventions to meet their needs
Jessica Kingsley, 1996
ISBN 1853023140
A comprehensive study, balancing theory with practice, showing what it means to be autistic and what can be done to improve the capabilities of autistic children.


Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB)
Children who have visual impairment and autism: identifying and sharing practice: resource pack
RNIB, 2011
ISBN 9781444500943
Based upon 13 case studies, strategies for supporting children with visual impairment and autism are explored. Also contains a glossary and a resources section.


Andrews, Rebecca & Wyver, Shirley
Autistic tendencies: are there different pathways for blindness and Autism Spectrum Disorder?
British Journal of Visual Impairment
May 2005, Vol 23 (2), p52-57
Looks at how autistic spectrum disorders can manifest in children who have visual impairments.

Bell, Ian
Visual impairment and autism
May 2011, No 65, p20-23
Highlights a new resource dealing with the specific problems of children who have visual impairment and autism.

Bell, Judy & Bell, Ian
Visual impairment and autism project
Nov/Dec 2010, No 30, p9-12
Children with both visual impairment and autism are poorly understood and their needs are not always met. The authors explain how this project is addressing the issues.

Clarke, Anne
Visual impairment and autistic spectrum condition: learning braille
Nov/Dec 2010, No 30, p9-12
Looks at how an autistic child's love of reading in braille helped her to develop social awareness and understanding.

Dale, Naomi & Salt, Alison
Social identity, autism and visual impairment (VI) in the early years
British Journal of Visual Impairment
May 2008, Vol 26 (2), p135-146
Explores how visual impairment might impact on early social and emotional development including self-awareness and communication with others.

Fox, Britt; Curry, Kate; Hughes, Cheryl
Parent's voices: VI, autism, and the route to diagnosis
Nov/Dec 2010, No 30, p21-22
Brief stories from three parents on how they identified and coped with their child's visual impairment and autism.

Gense, Marilyn & Gense, D Jay
Jumping in ... : some basic principles to guide the educational team in assessing children with autism spectrum disorders and visual impairments
Jan/Feb 2007, No 7, p18-20
An overview of assessing children with autism and visual impairments.

Gibbons, Ros
Addressing the sensory needs of children with visual impairment and autistic spectrum disorder
Autumn 2004, No 42, p23-24
Advice for teachers dealing with children who have both visual impairment and autistic spectrum disorder.

Howley, Marie & Preece, David
Structured teaching for individuals with visual impairments
British Journal of Visual Impairment
May 2003, Vol 21 (2), p78-83
Describes a scheme of assessing and teaching individuals with Autistic spectrum disorders and visual impairments called TEACCH (Treatment and Education of Autistic and related Communication handicapped CHildren).

Lawson, Claire
Emma's story
Nov/Dec 2010, No 30, p13-14
Parent tells the story of her struggle to understand her child's behaviour problems.

Pawletko, Theresa & Rocissano, Lorraine
Autism in blind and VI children
Spring 2006, No 43, p25-27
Looks at some of the issues surrounding visual impairment and autism.

Stevns, Tanja
Gentle teaching: a positive approach to VI children with autism and their staff
Nov/Dec 2010, No 30, p9-12
A teacher of children with special needs in Denmark talks about her approach to her work with VI children with autism.

Taylor, Kim & Preece, David
Using aspects of the TEACCH structured teaching approach with students with multiple disabilities and visual impairment: reflections on practice
British Journal of Visual Impairment
Sept 2010, Vol 28 (3), p244-259
A teacher describes how they have adapted aspects of TEACCH, which was developed for use with autistic children, for use with children with MDVI.


Lantz, Johanna
Assessment processes for autism spectrum disorders: purpose and procedures
Indiana Resource Center for Autism
[Accessed: 13/01/2011]
Discusses the process for assessing children for autism. (Website only)