University of Edinburgh

Intensive Interaction for Children and Young People with Complex Needs and Sensory Impairments


Aherne, Pam & Thornber, Ann
Communication for all: a cross curricular skill: involving interactions between "speaker and listener"
David Fulton, 1990
ISBN 1853461687
Considers the process of functional communication.The quality of interactions is crucial to the development of these skills.

Aitken, Stuart & Millar, Sally
Listening to children 2004
Sense Scotland & CALL Centre, 2004
ISBN 1898042268
Practical materials for anyone who wants to listen to and find out the views of children who have communication disabilities. Comprises a book and a CD-ROM.

Arman, Kerstin
From experience to conversation: what are the requirements for a partner to perceive and respond to expressions from a child with congenital deaf-blindness?
Specialpedagogiska Institutet, 2007
ISBN 9789128000130
The quality of communication of a deafblind child relies heavily on the competence of the "communication partner" to pay close attention and have an understanding of cues.

Corke, Margaret
Approaches to communication through music
David Fulton, 2002
ISBN 1853468436
One of the ways forward when working with those who have little or no speech, or limited comprehension of language, is to use music. This is a practical guide that contains lots of ideas and original activities for the specialist and non-specialist alike.

Crystal, David
How language works
Penguin, 2006
ISBN 9780141015521
An introduction to the study of language. "How babies babble, words change meaning and languages live or die ..."

Gallaway, Clare & Richards, Brian J
Input and interaction in language acquisition
Cambridge U P, 1994
ISBN 0521437253
A study of "baby talk" and how it affects the acquisition of language in young children. Also explores language acquisition in second and foreign language learners.

Goold, Louise; Borbilas, Phyllis; Clarke, Annette; Kane, Carol
Addressing the communication needs of the individual with significant impairments: an ideas kit
North Rocks Press, 1993
ISBN 0949050032
A visual guide to ideas for helping children with communication problems.

Koegel, Robert L & Koegel, Lynn Kern (Eds)
Teaching children with autism: strategies for initiating positive interactions and improving learning opportunities
Paul H Brookes, 1996
ISBN 1557661804
A positive approach to autism which dispels the stereotypes and discusses behavioural characteristics and available interventions.

Lee, Mary & MacWilliam, Lindi
Learning together: a creative approach to learning for children with multiple disabilities and a visual impairment (2nd ed)
RNIB, 2008
ISBN 9781858785318
How to create an active learning environment for children with MDVI. This book explains and illustrates methods that have been developed over many years, with children of all ages, at the Royal Blind School, Edinburgh.

Mesch, Johanna
Tactile sign language: turntaking and questions in signed conversations of deafblind people
Signum, 2001
ISBN 3927731803
Series: International studies on sign language and communication of the deaf; Volume 38

Miles, Barbara & Riggio, Marianne
Remarkable conversations: a guide to developing meaningful communication with children and young adults who are deafblind
Perkins School for the Blind, 1999
ISBN 0965717011
This book addresses the needs of children of all abilities, ranging from non-linguistic (objects and body movements) to linguistic (sign or written) forms of communication. Gives practical approaches for creating communication-rich environments.

Nind, Melanie & Hewett, Dave
Access to communication: developing the basics of communication with people with severe learning difficulties through intensive interaction
David Fulton, 1994
ISBN 1853462837
For anyone who works with people who have learning difficulties who do not yet use language. Opening up human interaction to people who are remote from communication.

Nunez, Maria
Joint attention in deafblind children: a multisensory path towards a shared sense of the world
Sense, [2014]
This project looked at the use of sensory modalities in the early communication of 14 deafblind children.

O'Kane, Judith Coupe & Goldbart, Juliet
Communication before speech: development and assessment (2nd ed)
David Fulton, 1998
ISBN 1853464864
Developing and assessing early communication skills of children with a variety of special needs and learning disabilities.

Smith, Theresa
Guidelines: practical tips for working and socializing with deaf-blind people (2nd ed)
Sign Media, 2002
ISBN 1881133176
The author is an interpreter for deafblind people and sets out useful advice on how to best communicate with people who have a combination of visual and hearing problems.

Webster, Alec & Roe, Joao
Children with visual impairments: social interaction, language and learning
Routledge, 1998
ISBN 0415148162
Includes a comprehensive range of practical strategies for enabling early exploration, concept-building, language and literacy. Strong focus on the scaffolding of children's learning and experience.

Woodall, Joe & Charnock, Denise
TaSSeLs: Tactile signing for sensory learners: for staff working with children and young people
Pavilion, 2012
ISBN 9781908993250
Outlines an alternative manual communication system for children with multisensory impairments and/or complex needs.


Lee, Mary & MacWilliam, Lindi
Movement, gesture and sign: an interactive approach to sign communication for children who are visually impaired with additional disabilities
Moray House Institute of Education, 1996
Describes an approach to communication developed by staff at Royal Blind School, Edinburgh. Illustrates how a child can develop skills in movement sessions & gradually acquire a sign system specially adapted for VI children.

All join in
NSPCC & Triangle, 2004
This DVD was made with a diverse group of 3-7 year olds to help develop skills for communicating.

Zeedyk, Suzanne & Robertson, Jonathan
Connected baby
Suzanne Zeedyk Ltd, 2011
The vision in making this film was simple: to demonstrate just how connected babies are to other people.


Anderson, Colin
Conversation with Daniel
Talking Sense
Autumn/Winter 2008, Vol 54 (3), p16-17
Assessment and communication with a child who has limited sight and hearing.

Hodges, Liz
Listening to the child's voice
Talking Sense
Summer 2008, Vol 54 (2), p34-35
Describes a process that can help those working with children with very limited communication to understand their choices and preferences.

Platt, Liz
Intensive interaction
Jan/Feb 2013, No 43, p18-20
Looks at how to recognise the ways that deafblind children can communicate.