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Bibliography - Supporting VI Children in Mainstream School


Arter, Christine ... [et al]
Children with visual impairment in mainstream settings
David Fulton, 1999
ISBN: 1853465836

Bowman, Richard; Bowman, Ruth; Dutton, Gordon
Disorders of vision in children: a guide for teachers and carers
RNIB, 2001
ISBN: 1858782139
Explains how disorders of visual function can impair visual performance under different circumstances and allows readers to determine how best to devise educational strategies.

Brambring, Michael
Lessons with a child who is blind: development and early intervention in the first years of life
Blind Children's Fund, 1998
Presents an account of one family's experiences in rearing their daughter Christina who is congenitally blind.

Buultjens, Marianna; Stead, Joan; Dallas, Mary
Promoting social inclusion of pupils with visual impairment in mainstream schools in Scotland
Scottish Sensory Centre, 2002
Report of the project funded by the Scottish Executive. The aims of the project were to identify the range of school based strategies and initiatives that promote social inclusion and describe the social experiences of pupils with a visual impairment.

Clunies-Ross, Louise ... [et al]
Look and touch: play activities and toys for children with visual impairment
RNIB, 1987
Focuses on different play activities, describing how children of different ages & with various eye conditions can be encouraged to develop through play. Includes info on specialist & non-specialist toys useful for VI children.

Cole-Hamilton, Issy & Vale, Dan
Shaping the future: the experiences of blind and partially sighted children in the UK: summary report
RNIB, 2000
ISBN :1858784492
Results from the biggest survey of blind and partially sighted children and young people ever to have been conducted in the UK.

Davis, Pauline
Including children with visual impairment in mainstream schools: a practical guide
David Fulton, 2003
ISBN: 1853469149
Uses detailed case studies of inclusion in 4 primary schools. 

Dawkins, Jasmine
Training for special needs assistants: a research report into the employment and training of Special Needs Assistants working with visually impaired children in mainstream schools
RNIB, 1994

Department for Education and Skills (DfES)
Information for parents: visual impairment [Early Support Pilot Programme]
Dept for Education and Skills, 2004
Guidance for families who have very young children who are visually impaired. ESPP8.

Dominguez, Betty & Dominguez, Joe
Building blocks: foundations for learning for young blind and visually impaired children
AFB, 1991
ISBN: 0891281878
An English-Spanish book focusing on activities & materials that make up programs emphasizing learning through fun for children with visual impairments.

Everett, Dominic & Ravenscroft, John
Parent guide to mainstream visual impairment education in Scotland
VI Scotland, 2004
ISBN: 0954608119
Provides information to parents on how children with visual impairments are educated in mainstream schools in Scotland

Everett, Dominic; Ravenscroft, John; Spowart, Katherine
Moving through: what parent/carers should know about the educational transition process for visually impaired young people in Scotland
VI Scotland, 2005
ISBN: 0954608127
A guide to the transitions that a visually impaired child will make from joining nursery through to leaving school for tertiary education and work.

Fellenius, Kerstin
Reading acquisition in pupils with visual impairments in mainstream education
Stockholm Institute of Education, 1999
ISBN: 917656455X

Ferrell, Kay Alicyn
Reach out and teach: parent handbook
AFB, 1985
ISBN: 0891281274
Meeting the training needs of parents of visually and multiply handicapped young children.

Fichtner, Dorothea
How to raise a blind child: a guide for parents of blind children and those who work with blind pre-school children
Christoffer Blindenmission, 1979
Aimed at carers and educators of children aged up to 6 years old with no additional disabilities.

Fielder, Alistair R; Best, Anthony B; Bax, Martin C O (Eds)
Management of visual impairment in childhood
Cambridge U P, 1993
ISBN: 0521451507
A practical & theoretical guide aimed at all who are involved in the day-to-day management of children with VI.

Flavell, Liz
Preparing to include special children in mainstream schools: a practical guide
David Fulton, 2001
ISBN: 1853467707
Demonstrates how mainstream and special schools can work together in preparing the special schoolchild to succeed in a mainstream environment.

Fullwood, Deborah; Harvey, Laine; White, Glen
Living and learning: a guide for parents and educators of young visually impaired children who have additional disabilities
RVIB, 1991
ISBN: 0949390907

Gold, Deborah
Finding a new path: guidance for parents of young children who are visually impaired or blind
Canadian National Institute for the Blind, 2002
ISBN: 0921122381
Intended as a tool for parents to help them gain confidence in raising a child who has a visual impairment and as such covers all the main areas that parents will encounter including coping with the diagnosis, dealing with families and friends, child development and education.

Gringhuis, Diety; Moonen, Jo; van Woudenberg, Paula
Children with partial sight: development, parenting, education and support
Bartiméus, 2002
ISBN: 9071534413

Haughton, Liz & Mackevicius, Sandie
I'm posting the pebbles: active learning through play for children who are blind or vision impaired
RVIB, 2001
ISBN: 0949390585
Different types of play & activities are examined and suggested for good learning opportunities for children who have visual impairments.

Holbrook, M Cay
Children with visual impairments: a parents' guide
Woodbine House, 1995
ISBN: 0933149360

LaVenture, Susan (ed)
Parents' guide to special education for children with visual impairments
AFB, 2007
ISBN: 0891288929
With contributions from parents and specialists. Information that these experts feel that every parent should know to help them succeed in the education of their visually impaired child.

Lear, Roma
Look at it this way: toys and activities for children with a visual impairment
Butterworth-Heinemann, 1998
ISBN: 0750638958
Series: Play can help

Lee, Mary
This little finger: early literacy home resource pack for parents of children with visual impairment
Royal Blind School, Edinburgh, [2007]
A practical guide for parents to help them encourage literacy in their visually impaired children.

Lindstedt, Eva
How well does a child see?  a guide on vision and vision assessment in children (2nd ed)
ELISYN, 1997
ISBN: 9187062046

MacCuspie, P Ann
Promoting acceptance of children with disabilities: from tolerance to inclusion
Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority, 1996
ISBN: 0968038808
Offers valuable discussion about providing for special needs in ways that promote understanding and acceptance in the classroom.

Mason, Heather L
Guidelines for teachers and parents of young people with a visual impairment using low vision aids (LVAs)
University of Birmingham, 1998
Part of Heather Mason's pack on Low Vision Aids.

Mason, Heather & McCall, Stephen (Eds)
Visual impairment: access to education for children and young people
David Fulton, 1997
ISBN: 1853464120
A comprehensive guide including medical issues, education, curriculum, transition and multiple disabilities.

McDonald, Mary
Setting out: practical ideas for parents of children with sight problems
RNIB, 2002
ISBN: 1858785286
Guide for parents about creating a loving and stimulating environment for children with sight problems.

McDonald, Mary
Which way? A guide for parents of children with multiple disabilities
RNIB, 2003
ISBN: 1858785278
Part of the RNIB's Early years series of publications focusing on the more complex issues that can arise for children with sight problems who have other special needs.

McDonald, Suzy
One of the class: advice, reference, resources
RNIB, 2000
ISBN: 1858782813

Miller, Olga
Supporting children with visual impairment in mainstream schools
Franklin Watts, 1996
ISBN: 0749617470

Naish, Lucy; Clunies-Ross, Louise; Bell, Judy
Exploring access in mainstream: how to audit your school environment, focusing on the needs of pupils who have visual impairment
RNIB, 2004
ISBN: 1858786304
Folder of information for staff in mainstream schools which deals with access and adaptations to the physical environment for children with visual impairments.

National Association of Local Societies for Visually Impaired People
NALSVI (National Association of Local Societies for Visually Impaired people) Handbook
NALSVI, [1999]

Nielsen, Lilli
Educational approaches for visually impaired children
SIKON, 1992
ISBN: 8750395688
Designed for teachers, psychologists, parents, pre-school teachers and others who are involved in caring for visually impaired children.

Pogrund, Rona L & Fazzi, Diane L
Early focus: working with young children who are blind or visually impaired and their families (2nd ed)
AFB, 2002
ISBN: 0891288562

Raynor, Sherry & Drouillard, Richard
Get a wiggle on: a guide for helping visually impaired children grow (2nd ed)
Blind Children's Fund, 1996
This booklet has been prepared to assist those who are in contact with blind or visually impaired infants. It contains suggestions which will be helpful in assisting these children, early in their lives, to grow and learn like other children.

Raynor, Sherry & Drouillard, Richard
Move it!!!: a guide for helping visually impaired children grow (2nd ed)
Blind Children's Fund, 1997
A sequel to "Get a wiggle on." RN 3216

Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB)
Finding out about blindness
RNIB, 1998
This pack is based on Anna as seen in "Anna's story" RN 235. It's full of ideas, games and useful information on serious sight problems. For children aged 7-11.

Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB)
Finding out about blindness: an education resource for use in primary and middle schools: teacher's pack
RNIB, 1991
ISBN: 0901797774
Includes Teacher's guide; Lesson plans; Activity cards; BNIB factsheets; posters; booklets; Braille sheets; Simulation spectacles

Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB)
One step at a time
RNIB, 1995
ISBN: 1858780691
Aims to help parents whose baby has been born with a visual impairment by offering practical information and advice as their baby develops.

Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB)
Your first steps: a guide for parents of children with sight problems
RNIB, 2002
ISBN: 185878526X
This books updates and combines two former RNIB early years publications: "Getting started" and "Help for you and your child"

Russotti, Joanne & Shaw, Rona
When you have a visually impaired student in your classroom: a guide for paraeducators
AFB, 2004
ISBN: 0891288945
Easy to understand guide to teaching and responding to visually impaired children in mainstream classrooms  Aimed at classroom assistants etc.

Scott, Eileen P; Jan, James E; Freeman, Roger D
Can't your child see: a guide for parents and professionals about young people who are visually impaired (3rd ed)
Pro-Ed, 1995
ISBN: 0890796041

Sonksen, Patricia & Stiff, Blanche
Show me what my friends can see: a development guide for parents of babies with severely impaired sight and their professional advisors
Institute of Child Health, 1991
ISBN: 095175260X
Sections covering different aspects of child development  Stages of development are outlined for sighted children with strategies for encouraging development in visually impaired children.

Souder, Patricia
Different way of seeing: youth with visual impairments and blindness
Mason Crest, 2008
ISBN: 9781422204184
Stories about young visually impaired people which can be used for disability awareness.

Strathclyde Regional Council Education Resource Service
Information and advice for parents of visually impaired children
Strathclyde Regional Council, 1984
A general introduction to the education of visually impaired children for parents.

Swenson, Anna & D'Andrea, Frances Mary
Braille trail: an activity book
AFB, 2002
ISBN: 0891288546
A set of games, puzzles and other activities intended to show children the meaning and importance of Braille.  Accompanied by a parent /teacher guide.

Visual Impairment Scotland
Where can you go from here? Scotland
VI Scotland, [2003]
Information for parents of children with visual impairments.



Birmingham City Council
Successfully including children with a visual impairment in mainstream schools
Birmingham City Council, [2006]
Awareness materials for teachers of visually impaired children in mainstream classes. DVD video plus DVD-ROM supplementary material including: Checklists, eye conditions, environmental audit and adapted ICT .



American Foundation for the Blind
New what do you do when you see a blind person?, The
AFB, 2000
ISBN: 0891283501
Through the experiences of Mark Johnson, a computer programmer who is blind, and Dave Simon, a computer salesman who is not, this video demonstrates simple ways to provide assistance, if needed, to someone who is blind or visually impaired. Duration 16 mins.

Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB)
Vision shared: good practice and strategies for the successful inclusion of visually impaired pupils in mainstream education
RNIB, 1999
ISBN: 185878235X
Identifies aspects of good practice and strategies for the successful inclusion of visually impaired pupils in mainstream education.