University of Edinburgh

Sensory Stories: Design, Development and Delivery for the Learner with Complex Needs


Fuller, Chris
Tactile stories: a do-it-yourself guide to making 6 tactile books
Jack Tizard School, 1992
Six stories to be made up into tactile books designed for pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties.

Longhorn, Flo
Sensology workout: waking up the senses
Flo Longhorn, 2007
About the use of and development of the senses for learning, particularly for children who have severe disabilities.


Bolt, Jonathan
'Once upon a time ... ': Dinosaurs, the literacy hour and objects of reference
Eye Contact
Autumn 1999 No 25, p11-12, Sensory stories and literacy for children with multiple disabilities.

Fenwick, Maggi
Multisensory sensitive stories
Eye Contact
Summer 2005, No 42, p12-14
Multisensory storytelling techniques are used to explain difficult issues such as growing up, sexuality, bereavement and loss. Sensitive Stories Project is being developed by PAMIS.

Fenwick, Maggi
Sensitive stories
Jul/Aug 2007, No 10, p30-32
Describes a project to develop and create stories on sensitive topics for children with profound and complex needs. The stories use the Multi-Sensory Storytelling Technique.

Wells, Pete
"Horrible" stories for teenagers
Mar/Apr 2006, No 2, p36-38
Using sensory stories and technology to encourage literacy in children who have multiple disabilities.