University of Edinburgh

Independent Living Skills in Children & Young People with Visual Impairment


Allman, Carol B & Lewis, Sandra (eds) ECC essentials: teaching the expanded core curriculum to students with visual impairments
AFB Press, 2014
ISBN 9780891284987
Addresses the additional curriculum elements that visually impaired children have to learn in order to live independent lives, this includes curriculum access, assistive technology, mobility, independent living, social skills, careers and citizenship.

Loumiet, Robin & Levack, Nancy
Independent living: a curriculum with adaptations for students with visual impairments
Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired, 1993
ISBN 1880366037
Part of three volumes concentrating on daily living, social skills and play & leisure.

Miller, Olga & Wall, Karl
Quality standards: delivery of habilitation training (mobility and independent living skills) for children and young people with visual impairment
Mobility 21, 2011
The term habilitation (not rehabilitation) is used in recognition of the distinct needs of children as they move towards independence and the acquisition of new skills. These standards are informed by current best practice and related international research to establish a baseline for habilitation practice.

MISE (Mobility and Independence Specialists in Education)
Mobility and independent assessment and evaluation scheme: early skills
MISE, [2006]
A checklist for mobility and independence skills including: Functional vision, communication, awareness, motor skills, independence skills and play & social skills.

Webster, Alec & Roe, Joao
Children with visual impairments: social interaction, language and learning
Routledge, 1998
ISBN 0415148162
Includes a comprehensive range of practical strategies for enabling early exploration, concept-building, language and literacy. Strong focus on the scaffolding of children's learning and experience.


Kitchen confidence
Mar/Apr 2008, No 14, p10-14
Article follows three youngsters as they learn to cook.

Solve my dilemma (advice for a young woman who wants to be more independent)
Jul/Aug 2014, No 93, p38-41
A panel responds to the problem of a visually impaired person whose family lack confidence in her independent living skills.

Bailey, Gail
Promoting autonomy
Mar/Apr 2008, No 14, p28-29
Examines the issues and suggests ways of enabling carers to let a young person make their own choices and learn from new experiences.

Bailey, Gail
Toilet training with children who are blind or have very little vision
Jan/Feb 2008, No 13, p40-42
Advice for helping visually impaired children to become toilet trained.

Cain, Sally & Griffiths, Steve
Glimpse into the future
April 2012, No 76, p40-43
A report on issues raised at an annual conference about technology for disabled people including HTML 5, cloud technology, mobile technology and social media.

Cuthbert, Janet
Changing our view of early years development: Oregon and the Journal
Mar/Apr 2008, No 14, p36-39
Staff at a service in Leeds explore combining use of Oregon with the newer Early Support Developmental Journal for babies and children with VI.

Dawson, Lucy
Forward to the future
Mar/Apr 2014, No 50, p18-19
A young guide dog owner reflects on the ups and downs of getting her first guide dog.

Lewin, Debs
Cooking up independence
Nov/Dec 2014, No 54, p29-31
A team of chefs (who are themselves visually impaired) pass on their expertise to some teeenagers who are visually impaired.

Lewin, Debs
Life skills boot camp
May/Jun 2014, No 51, p12-13
Three day residential for young people with visual impairments helps them to learn about independent living, travel and leisure.

McDonald, Mary
Meaningful rewards
Nov/Dec 2014, No 54, p11-13
Providing extra motivation to visually impaired children to work on their mobility, technology and braille skills.

McDonald, Suzy
Habilitation skills
Nov/Dec 2012, No 42, p27
Tips for how children with visual impairments can be introduced to cutting and chopping food (ie preparing fruit and veg for cooking), and have fun in the kitchen.

McDonald, Suzy
Picnic challenge
Jul/Aug 2013, No 46, p14-15
Describes a project for a young person to plan and prepare a picnic with a friend which increased her confidence in a range of skills.

Neuchterlien, Louise
Habilitation skills
Jul/Aug 2013, No 46, p18-19
Saturday cooking club for visually impaired young people offers a chance to gain skills safely and an opportunity to socialise.

Norman, Elaine & Stanley, Debbie
Habilitation skills
Mar/Apr 2014, No 50, p10-11
Fun ways to motivate children to get up and about.

Opie, Jill
Educating students with vision impairment today: Consideration of the expanded core curriculum
British Journal of Visual Impairment
January 2018, Vol 36 (1), p75-89
Looks at the inclusion of students with visual impairments and whether classroom teachers should become aware of and incorporate elements of the expanded core curriculum to improve the inclusion experience.

Parr, Amanda
Achieving the Duke of Edinburgh's award
Sept/Oct 2010, No 29, p30-36
Sixth formers at Rushton School have taken up the challenge of taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh award. This article discusses their strategies and achievements.

Pavey, Sue
Exploring the mobility and independence needs of children with visual impairment in the UK: the Steps to Independence project
The Educator
July 2006, Vol XIX (1), p7-16
A one year research project to investigate mobility and independence education for children in mainstream education.

Syvret, Jacqui
Working towards confidence
Oct/Dec 2011, No 36, p18-20
A school in Devon pilots two programmes aimed at improving social, independence and employment skills for pupils who are visually impaired.

Trull, Sharon
Habilitation skills
May/June 2013, No 45, p23
Tips on how to teach safe ironing skills to visually impaired children.

Wall, Karl
Educational attainment versus habilitation skills
Jan/Feb 2011, No 31, p12-13
Looks at how to balance academic education with acquisition of daily living skills in children with sight problems.

Wall, Karl
Learning maths ... learning habilitation skills
May/Jun 2010, No 27, p10-12
Discusses how maths skills are linked with learning independence skills.

Wharton, Hannah
Progressing to adult life
May/Jun 2014, No 51, p23
Describes the Bridge Programme which is designed to help young people progress into independent or supported living.