University of Edinburgh

Post-school transitions of young people with hearing impairments: A proposal for research

Funder: National Deaf Children's Society

Dates: 2012-2013

The ongoing UK and European economic crisis is leading to a rapid growth in youth unemployment in Scotland. Young disabled people, including those with hearing impairments, are more likely than others to experience difficulties in obtaining employment. Those experiencing multiple disadvantage, such as having hearing impairments and additional difficulties, living in areas of deprivation and being looked after by the local authority, are more likely to experience difficulties in transition than others. Failure to make a positive transition from school to further/higher education, training or employment is likely to lead to problems in achieving other markers of adulthood such as establishing independent living arrangements and relationships. Recognising the difficulties experienced by young disabled people in accessing post-school education, training and employment, the Scottish Government has attempted to put in place specific and generic support, and Skills Development Scotland acknowledge the problems faced by disabled people. This research will investigate the post-16 transition process and outcomes of young people with hearing impairments, assess the nature of the support available to them and the barriers which they encounter.