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Dr Joao Roe


Joao is the Head of Service for a Joint Authority Support Team in the South West of England and a Regional Tutor for the Education of Children with Visual Impairment Course in University of Birmingham. Her special interest is the social and emotional inclusion of children with visual impairments and Braille literacy.

Selected Publications

  • Roe, Joao, Sue Rogers, Marion Donaldson, Clare Gordon, Nathan Meager (2014) "Teaching Literacy through Braille in Mainstream Settings whilst promoting inclusion: Reflections on our practice" in International Journal of Disability, Development and Education Vol 61 (2)
  • Roe, Joao (2008) "Social inclusion: meeting the socio-emotional needs of children with vision Needs" in British Journal of Visual Impairment and Blindness Vol 26 (2), 149-160
  • Webster, Alec; Roe, Joao (1998) Children with visual impairment: social interaction, language and learning. Routledge.

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Research from Sensory Support Service Colleagues

  • Rogers, S. (2007) Learning braille and print together - the mainstream issues. "British Journal of Visual Impairment 25(2): 120-112.