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Online Reading Research Project

Girl readingDirectors of the study: Dr Wolfgang Mann, Rachel O'Neill, & Dr Robin Thompson. Research Assistants: Pavundeep Johal and Freya Watkins

We are beginning an exciting new collaborative research project between Universities of Roehampton, Birmingham and Edinburgh. The focus of this project is on reading skills online, which includes both searching and comprehension of online texts.

As part of the project, we will compare online reading strategies (ie, the use of graphics, text, multiple pages and review strategies) in hearing children who use English and deaf children, who use either English or British Sign Language as a preferred language.

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Deaf readers wanted!

Calling Teachers of Deaf Children and Speech Language Therapists

Is your school/service for deaf children supporting deaf students (moderate, severe, profound, CI) aged 13 - 14 who have good reading levels?

If you can think of a deaf student who would be a good candidate, please get in touch with us by contacting Rachel O’Neill (

Ideally you will have recent standardised reading score for your students. However, if you don’t have a recent standardised test result for a specific student, but he/she is likely the right level for this study, we are happy to send you a reading test. In this case, we will mark it for you and return the diagnostic profile for your use. If the young person is suitable for this study, we will ask you to contact the parents and give them an information sheet with consent form to take part, as well as a consent form to be videoed.

BSL Video Translation of Parent Information:

The study will involve a trip to the University of Birmingham where the assessments will take approximately 3-4 hours including breaks. We will cover travel costs for both the young person and a parent or member of staff.  The day can be on a weekday or a weekend and will take place between February and December 2017.

There will be opportunities to be tested in Edinburgh, please contact Rachel O'Neill if you are interested in participating.

Parents of Deaf Children


We offer the information sheet and forms in 3 formats: Word documents, PDFs and BSL video translations:

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Contact Information

In case of any questions about this research, please email us.

If you think your child would be a good candidate, please get in touch with us by contacting Rachel O’Neill (




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Special thanks

This project has been made possible with funding from the British Academy, ESRC and Leverhulme Trust:

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