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Visual Impairment

  • Prof John Ravenscroft, Depute Head of School & Senior Lecturer, Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh and SSC Co-ordinator
    Special Interest: Education of children with visual impairments
    • MoLLVIS project plans to create German language learning apps for Windows, Apple and Android devices.
  • Dr Nadia Northway, Lecturer in Vision Sciences, Glasgow Caledonian University
    Special interest: Visual processing, Dyslexia, Eye movements
  • Dr Margaret Woodhouse, School of Optometry & Vision Sciences, Cardiff University
    Special interest: Assessment of vision in children with learning disabilities
  • Dr Andrew Blaikie, Consultant Ophthalmologist, Queen Margaret Hospital
    Special interest: Paediatric ophthalmology, cerebral visual impairment
  • Dr Alison Eardley, Department of Psychology, University of Westminster
    Special interest: Imagination, Imagery, Spatial mental representation in Blind people
  • Dr Joao Roe, Sensory Support Service & University of Birmingham
    Special Interest: Social and emotional inclusion of children with visual impairments and Braille literacy
  • Dr Paula Sterkenburg, Faculty of Psychology & Education, VU University, Amsterdam
    Special Interest: Attachment in the care for persons with visual and intellectual disabilities

Deaf Issues

  • Rachel O'Neill, Lecturer in Deaf Education, University of Edinburgh
    Special interest: BSL Glossary, Deaf education history, Language assessment
  • Dr Emily Nordmann, School of Psychology, University of Aberdeen (Deaf Education)
    Special interest: Mathematics & deaf children
  • Prof Terezinha Nunes, Professor of Educational Studies, University of Oxford
    Special interest: Mathematics, literacy & deaf children
  • Prof Gary Morgan, DCAL (Deafness Cognition And Language) Research Centre & City University London
    Special Interest: Sign Language studies
  • Dr Laurent Galbrun, Assistant Professor in Acoustics in the School of the Built Environment, Heriot-Watt University
    Special interests: Building Acoustics, Speech Intelligibility Indoors
  • Dr Emmanouela Terlektsi, Post Doctoral Researcher, Oxford Brookes University
    Special Interests: Deaf children's imagination and literacy; children's and young people's social emotional development, safeguarding deaf and hearing children; child development

Additional Support Needs

  • FIESTA Network Facilitating Inclusive Education and Supporting the Transition Agenda, European Project