University of Edinburgh

Theory of Mind

Dr Gary Morgan

Selected Publications

  • Morgan, G (in press) Social-cognition for learning as a deaf student. In H Knoors & M Marschark. Educating Deaf Students: Creating a Global Evidence Base Oxford University Press.
  • Morgan, G (2014) Conversational research. BATOD Magazine, September 2014.
  • Morgan, G; Meristo, M; Mann, W; Hjelmquist, E; Surian, L & Siegal, M (2014) Mental state language and quality of conversational experience in deaf and hearing children. Cognitive Development, 29, 41-49
  • Meristo, M; Morgan, G; Geraci, A; Iozzi, L; Hjelmquist, E; Surian, L & Siegal, M (2014). Belief attribution in deaf and hearing infants Developmental Science.
  • Meristo, M; Hjelmquist, E & Morgan, G (2012). How access to language affects theory of mind in deaf children. In M Siegal & L Surian (Eds) Access to language and cognitive development. New York: Oxford University Press. (pp. 44-61)

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