University of Edinburgh

Research Associates

Terezinha Nunes

  • Special interest: Mathematics, literacy & deaf children
  • Current post:  Professor of Educational Studies, University of Oxford and Fellow of Harris-Manchester College (from October 2005)

Selected Projects

  • Nunes, T ESRC-RNID Case studentship 1+3. Deaf primary school children’s mathematics achievement. October 2008-September 2012.
  • Nunes, T, Burman, D & Evans, D. National Centre for Literacy and Numeracy Teaching for Deaf Children. NDCS. April 2008-March 2011.
  • Nunes, T, Bryant, P, Pretzlik, U, & Melcher, D. Using deaf children’s visual skills to promote mathematics learning: An early intervention project. RNID. September 2004-August 2007.
  • Nunes, T, Pretzlik, U, & Burman, D. Literacy teaching for deaf pupils: morphological and visual inputs. The Nuffield Foundation. September 2004-August 2006.
  • Nunes, T & Pretzlik, U. A qualitative analysis of parents’ personal concerns and expectations of cochlear implants. RNID. March–December 2002.
  • Nunes, T & Prezlik, U Validation of a parent outcome profile for the assessment of paediatric cochlear implantation. RNID, June 2000-Dec 2001.
  • Nunes, T. Addressing the communication needs of deaf children in the mathematics classroom. Nuffield Foundation, Jan 1998-Feb 2000.
  • Nunes, T & Pretzlik, U.  Deaf Children and Education. Research Administration, Institute of Education, Jan-Feb 1999.

Selected Publications

  • Nunes, T. (2004). Teaching Mathematics to Deaf Children. London: Wiley/Blackwell.

    Journal Articles

  • Nunes, T., Barros, R., Evans, D., & Burman, D. (2014). Improving Deaf Children’s Working Memory through Training. International Journal of Speech & Language Pathology and Audiology, 2, in press; E-ISSN: 2311-1917/14.
  • Nunes, T., Bryant, P., Evans, D., Bell, D., & Hallett, D. (2013). Promovendo a compreensão da composição aditiva em crianças surdas. Cadernos Cedes (Campinas, Brazil), 33, 319-332.
  • Gottardis, L., Nunes, T., & Lunt, I. (2011). A Synthesis of Research on Deaf and Hearing Children's Mathematical Achievement. Deafness & Education International, 13, 131-150.
  • Nunes, T. (2011). Can deaf children’s working memory span be increased? BATOD Magazine (British Association of Teachers of the Deaf), December, 30-31.
  • Nunes, T. (2010). Morpheme trials. BATOD Magazine, March, 24-25.
  • Nunes, T., Bryant, P., Burman, D., Bell, D., Evans, D., & Hallett, D. (2008). Deaf Children’s Informal Knowledge of Multiplicative Reasoning. Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education, 14, 260-277.
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