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Moving Through

Appendix III: Further reading

Stage 1 = home to nursery
Stage 2 = preschool to primary
Stage 3 = primary to secondary
Stage 4 = leaving school

A Guide for Parents: Part 4 of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995 as amended by the Special Educational Needs and Disability Act 2001 - schools (Scotland) (2003) [for Stages 1, 2 and 3]
Available from the Disability Rights Commission
Downloadable from the publications section of DRC website:

A Guide for Parents: The Education (Additional Support for Learning) (Scotland) Act 2004 [for all Stages]
Available from the Scottish Executive Education Department
Downloadable from the publications section of the 'support for pupils' area of the Scottish Executive website:

A Parent's Guide to Special Educational Needs (revised 2004) [for all Stages]
Although some sections of the booklet are going out of dae because of the new Additional Support for Learning Act, there are still useful sections. At the time of writing an updated version is being produced.
Available from Enquire
Downloadable from the Enquire website:

A Young Person's Guide to Special Educational Needs: Life at school and choices at 16+ (updated 2004) [for Stages 3 and 4]
In three sections:

  • life at school
  • taking part at school
  • choices at 16 and leaving school

Available from Enquire
Downloadable from the Enquire website:

Achievements of Deaf Pupils in Scotland (ADPS) [for Stages 1, 2 and 3]
The project collects information about deaf children in Scotland and their achievements. Website:

Deaf-Friendly Nurseries and Pre-schools (2003) [for Stages 1 and 2]
Although this is aimed at nursery staff, it is still relevant to parents. Available from NDCS Scotland.
Downloadable from the NDCS website:

Going to Secondary School (2004) [for Stage 3]
A small booklet for P7 pupils with additional support needs. It aims to give key information what secondary school is like and where to go for help. There is no mention of specialist services for deaf pupils, but still may be helpful.
Available from Enquire

Have Your Say (2004) [for Stage 3]
A 17 minute video for secondary school pupils with additional support needs. It aims to encourage pupils to join in and get their views acrosss in secondary school, and it has a particular section on the move from primary to secondary school. Two versions are provided on the same tape, one of which has BSL translation and subtitles. Deaf pupils are among the pupils featured in the video.
Available from Enquire.

Helping your deaf child to learn [for Stages 1 and 2]
A collection of tips and suggestions from parents of deaf preschool and primary children.
Available from NDCS Scotland and WSDCS
Downloadable from NDCS website:

My school in Scotland (2001) [for Stages 2 and 3]
A booklet and CD-ROM of deaf pupils giving their views about their educational experiences.
Available from NDCS Scotland.

Scotland: Deaf-friendly Schools. A guide for headteachers, staff and school boards (2002) [for Stages 2 and 3]
Aimed at staff in mainstream schools, but still useful reading for parents.
Available from NDCS Scotland.
Downloadable from the NDCS website:

Scotland: Opportunities at 16 (2004) [for Stage 4]
A guide to rights and opportunities for disabled school-leavers.
Available from Skill Scotland.
Downloadable from the Skill Scotland website:

Scottish Executive Parentzone website [for all Stages]
Covers a wide range of issues relating to all stages, from preschool to leaving school. The website:
Choosing a school:

Scottish Sensory Centre Resource Library
A range of relevant materials may be borrowed from the library for a small subscription. Postal lending allows access from across the UK.