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Functional Vision Assessment

Report writing


Then we're going to be going on to report writing and I'm going to be looking at this in detail in the afternoon. But there are two main methods that we would use for report writing: checklist or a report written in text format. These are the two methods I've come across most frequently. In saying that, I was in a school yesterday where I was really impressed. They had a database set up whereby people could add things in as they were going along. That was absolutely marvellous; so that up-to-date information was there for other members of that team who had access to the database. And that's an ideal scenario. But to get back to these two: the first one is efficient and it presents the information very clearly, but I would have to say that I would prefer the second method because it paints a more complete picture of the assesment and the assessment process. And of the child's functioning but we'll look at that this afternoon and you can make up your own mind. And once you've heard Lynn maybe I might change my mind as well. But at the moment I would certainly go for the second version.

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