University of Edinburgh

Functional Vision Assessment

The purpose of FVA


I had a young girl; in Primary school her vision didn't really seem to cause her - she had cerebral palsy - her vision didn't seem to cause her undue problems or undue difficulties. When she went up to the Secondary vision was a real difficulty for her. When I carried out assessments with her, just by observing her, depending on her general health she had real motor problems. It was evident she was having motor problems with her eyes because in the Secondary school she was expected to look up at the screen or the blackboard, then down to the page, whereas in Primary school most of the work had been handed to her, in front of her. On a good day she could see the equivalent of the bottom line on an eye chart. But on a poor day she couldn't even read the top line. So her vision did fluctuate. So depending on the class she was in, you had to look at how she was using her vision.

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