University of Edinburgh

Special Assessment Arrangements


I am Patricia McDonald, Project Manager in the Policy Team (accompanied by colleague Annette Foulcer)

Part of our responsibility is within the area of Special Assessment arrangements and also Equalities and Inclusion.

The aim today is to talk about the assessment arrangements, to reassure you that it is business as usual. They are not major changes. We have undertaken some work under the Equalities Act. Some specific arrangements are prohibited under the new qualifications but the majority of the arrangements remain the same. Policy and procedure has not changed. However there are some new arrangements that you have to be aware of; some arrangements that are not allowed in the new qualifications.

Background on how the Equality Act relates to Assessment Arrangements and to the SQA generally. The SQA is a public body and so has a specific duty to those who are Disabled but also other areas which are protected by the Act such as Race, Gender, Sexual Orientation, Age, Pregnancy/Maternity, there are 9 in total, so that they are not unlawfully discriminated against. That duty is around making "Reasonable Adjustments".

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