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Special Assessment Arrangements

Specification 6: Communication Units

The last specification reflects current practice. When we were looking at language units we also looked at National Core Skills Communication Units and National Certificate Communication Units.

We've never allowed candidates to be exempted from demonstrating any of the 4 skills within these units because they're of equal importance within these particular communication units.

BSL is acceptable within these communication units for the talking and listening aspects as they are in the literacy unit. I should have said that BSL is an acceptable reasonable adjustment. Well it's not even a reasonable adjustment, it's just an accepted form of communication within the literacy unit for talking and listening.

BSL is allowed in all subjects and all levels except Modern Languages, Gaelic/Gaidhlig. BSL is allowed for talking and listening in the new literacy units and can be considered in the English units if the candidate can demonstrate the appropriate competence to meet the standards for talking and listening in English.

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