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Special Assessment Arrangements

Reasonable Adjustments

So SQA must make reasonable adjustments for a candidate, for a reason related to a disability, to remove, where possible, substantial disadvantage in an assessment or a qualification. Reasonable adjustment duty is unique to an individual candidate. While we have our assessment arrangement policy which allows for adjustments to be made, some adjustments might well be a commonly requested assessment arrangement but for many years we have made unique arrangements for individual candidates and that continues. We always have a duty to consider reasonable adjustments that we can make within qualifications and assessments.

Reasonableness of any adjustment for a disabled candidate relates very specifically to the individual candidate's needs but also in terms of - something would be reasonable, if it does not affect the security of an assessment, for example - but the key area is around the competence or ability that is being assessed.

SQA is under no duty to lower the competence of a qualification. In fact we have a duty to maintain the standards of our qualifications and assessments for all candidates including disabled candidates. I feel very passionately about ensuring that any candidate, a disabled candidate goes forward with an SQA qualification, then any user of that certificate can be certain that the candidate has met the standard. It serves no purpose for any candidate to lower a standard. A candidate goes forward, maybe doing something in a different way, but the standard has been met. There is no duty to adjust or lower the competence standard.

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