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Special Assessment Arrangements

Equality Act Requirements

In making the specifications and deciding on the adjustments that are not allowed, the Equality Act requires us to do 3 things:

1) We have to have due regard to minimise the extent to which a disabled candidate is disadvantaged in attaining that qualification - so that's about recognising the disadvantage and doing as much as possible to minimise that disadvantage.

2) We are required to secure that the qualification gives a reliable indication of the knowledge, skills and understanding of the candidate - so that's about the integrity of the qualification.

3) And maintain public confidence in the qualification.

Now it's obvious that these 3 things are not always mutually compatible, we are not always going to be able to minimise the disadvantage and maintain public confidence in the qualification. Despite all reasonable efforts there will be some candidates who will not be able to gain some qualifications.

I am just going to go through the specifications that we published; there were 6 in total. I'd like to go through them to explain a bit about them. As I'm talking and looking at this I want you to be thinking about your candidates, the subjects that they are doing, the qualifications and the difficulties your candidates have. For the workshop be thinking about what some of the issues and concerns you might have for your candidates.

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