University of Edinburgh

Special Assessment Arrangements

Specification 2: Set Question Papers

The second specification is about the externally set question paper. For many years we've received requests on behalf of candidates for somebody, in the external exam, to interact more than a reader and scribe would normally do. To provide a rewording of the question, to rephrase, or to explain what a particular word means in a question. We've always said no because it's just something that we feel fundamentally undermines the externally set question paper.

The question papers are very carefully set and therefore if you change a word or you rephrase it, you could be seriously disadvantaging or advantaging the candidate.

Unless you've been in the position of actually requesting that, you wouldn't know that's not something we would allow. So upfront, again to provide clarity and certainty for centres, we're saying that that's something we would never approve. It is published and if a candidate needs that kind of support then you are aware and they and their parents can be aware that that's something that is not allowed in the externally set exam: it is not a reasonable adjustment.

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