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Special Assessment Arrangements

Specification 5: British Sign Language

Again, relevant to many people here today.

When we were looking at all of the language qualifications so, English, Modern Languages, Gaidhlig/Gaelic (Learners), the issue was fully considered. What would be acceptable in terms of allowing a candidate to use BSL and indeed in our proposal we wanted to find out what people felt about this. English was in the proposal but again the outcome of the consultation, we felt very strongly that within English the use of BSL could be considered a reasonable adjustment for talking and listening because it was recognised that that is how deaf candidates (BSL users) would talk and listen but it would not be acceptable for the reading and writing components for obvious reasons, and it would not be acceptable in Gaidhlig/Gaelic (Learners) and Modern languages. But in English I think that's an issue for your group.

If you are working with a BSL user in a school where the English teacher is assessing talking and listening, what are the implications there for ensuring the candidates have the appropriate level of BSL to meet the standards for talking and listening?

That's the job that I think you have to be involved in, those of you who work with BSL users. We'll come back to that, I think that's one for discussion again in your group and when we feedback.

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