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Adapting Video for VI Learners

The needs of other students

It is possible that other students are not aware that there is a student with a visual impairment in their group. Like most young people, visually impaired students do not usually want to draw attention to themselves if it makes them appear 'different' in any way. Some awareness training at the start of a course for all students can go a long way to overcome this.

Once aware of such difficulties, young people are usually very supportive and will accept modifications, use of low vision aids etc. as 'normal' practice. But, it is useful to realise that in some instances, other student may feel some resentment if they think another student is getting preferential treatment.

However, many of the suggestions made about advanced preparation, production of materials, awareness of environmental issues, e.g. lighting, seating or the adjustment of controls etc. will benefit all students and may identify areas of difficulty they may be experiencing.