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Adapting Video for VI Learners

Making best use of unmodified materials

Previews and post - views of video


This will be much appreciated by students if they have sufficient time beforehand to watch the video. They may need help to get access to a video player in college if they don't have one at home. (Make sure they know how the controls work and that lighting and positioning suit their viewing needs.)

Clear instructions as to what is significant is important. Frame numbers and a good freeze-frame and slow motion facility would help, but make sure that the video to be used counts tape length in the same way as the one you used to createthe frame reference list: some cheaper recorders are pretty rough and ready in their estimation of tape length used.

A script, if it is available, would be useful.

If you have added index marks, relate these to any script or notes you provide.


The same help in ensuring access will be necessary as for the pre-view. Having already been at the session at which the video was shown, the student will have some idea of the content, but may have some erroneous notions due to difficulties during the 'live' performance. Good guidance notes, frame numbers, freeze-frame and slow motion will help the student fill in what was missed earlier.