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Adapting Video for VI Learners

Making best use of unmodified materials

Access to scripts

Very few commercial videos come with scripts supplied, and it is not feasible for individual lecturers to transcribe commentary or dialogue for all the videos they use. On the other hand, if the video has been produced locally, there should be a script available, even though the form may need some reworking.

Some services for deaf students do video-subtitling and if you have such a service in your college they may be able to give you a transcript.

As lecturer you will have to decide if it is worth the time and effort to produce a complete script. On the whole, a summary and points of particular note will be sufficient. Such points might be a description of details which might be difficult to see but are significant for example:

  • facial expressions;
  • reactions in a scientific experiment;
  • when to expect text on screen.
  • alerting to quickly moving objects e.g. indicating direction of movement, or a transient event e.g. reaction in an experiment

All the above can ensure that important aspects are not missed.

Repeated viewing and listening by the student can fill in the gaps.