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Adapting Video for VI Learners

Getting Started

Welcome to our advice pack on the use of video by visually impaired and blind users. In this new version, we have included three case studies - on adapting the learning and teaching environment; ensuring new web resources are accessible; and improving access in older materials.

We have tried to make these pages as accessible as possible. To do this, we have kept graphical and navigational clutter to a minimum, and hidden non-essential pictures where they would annoy those using screen readers. On the other hand for essential material, where sighted readers see graphics and video clips, text - only readers will see their associated scripts and descriptions. If your browser supports text resizing, you should find that our pages will reformat nicely to larger fonts.

If you are using a conventional browser such as Internet Explorer, then you can start on our introductory advice page.

If you are using a text only browser, please start either with the advice contents list.