University of Edinburgh

Promoting social inclusion of pupils with visual impairment in mainstream schools in Scotland


The success of a project like this depends upon the support of all those who took part. We therefore thank all those who gave their time to talk to us especially the pupils and their parents, and their teachers. We also acknowledge the valuable ‘background’ support of those, such as head teachers, assistant head teachers and sensory service managers, who helped facilitate the interviews. And, we also thank those Councils who took time to complete and return our postal questionnaire.

Our special thanks to Mary Dallas who was instrumental in helping us identify areas and families for the project, and for her support and advice throughout.

We also thank Sytske Brandenburg who hosted our visit to the SENSIS Centre in Grave (Netherlands).

Finally we wish to thank the Scottish Executive Education Department for the Special Educational Needs Innovation Grants Programme which allowed us to carry out this project.

Marianna Buultjens & Joan Stead
(April 2002)