2Further Information: In addition Sense is a UK organisation dealing with the needs of dual sensory impaired learners. It has regional offices in various parts of the UK.

'Contact' Moray House Publications: This is a training package consisting of 8 modules on dual sensory impairment. It is based on work carried out at Carnbooth School, Glasgow, a special school for children who are deaf-blind.

3Further Reading:This index of auditory-visual coordination has been found in newborn babies as young as 10 minutes of age.

You should note that this re mains a somewhat controversial area. Some believe the head turning of a newborn to be a reflex. Others, while not questioning the occurrence of head turning in newborns, would question the validity of the conclusion: they believe it is not a reflex. Others still would disagree that newborn s turn their heads to sound. See: Bower TGR (1989) The Logical Infant. San Francisco, Freeman.

4If you happen to be working with such learners, perhaps you would be interested in carrying out your own research on this topic.