Suppose after a couple of weeks (you may take longer) you record from the beginning to the end of this chapter. For a learner with a little amount of vision you may observe the following:

In the first couple of sections you find on several occasions that the results are Consistent. As you move through the sections you find more Occasionals. Before long you see mostly None, designating no response to that kind of visual stimulus. You have reached a cut off point.

You are then able to build up a picture over several occasions and compare with the many naturalistic observations you can make of the learner in the dining room, swimming pool, on the bus and so on. For each section you will have been given an understanding as to why you would be interested in the area of visual functioning being tested.

Having transferred your results for each section to the Summary Chart in Section 18, you can compare results for visual and non-visual sections.

The suggestions offered for intervention (curriculum development opportunities) can then be obtained from the relevant sections. Section 18 gives more guidance on how to do this.