1Further Reading: Each of the techniques mentioned in the accompanying text has a slightly different emphasis.

Intensive Interaction (or Intensive Education) both rely on active participation of the learner. Aromatherapy and Massage Therapy make use of Smell and Touch (discussed in more detail in Sections 6 and 5, respectively). Snoezelen makes use of a specialised environment and is discussed further in Chapter 6. Movement Therapy focusses on the learner's movements, and may be used by itself or in conjunction with..... Music Therapy which relies on the use of musical patterns (not necessarily requiring hearing). Facilitative Play or Child-Oriented play is geared towards the learner who, in our scheme of things, is at least functioning at Localising.

Three fundamental components are (or should be) common to all of the above:-

There are many other formal techniques, detailed discussion and comparison of which are beyond the scope of this book.