1 In this section, we would like to acknowledge the help of Laura Pease, Whitefield School, London for several useful suggestions.

Further Reading: Bickerstaffe A

(1987) A new approach to special care. In Talking Sense 33(1):6-7. Some useful information on using a variety of technology.

Closing the Gap

Closing the Gap, Inc.; PO Box 68; Henderson; Minnesota 56044; USA. A bi-monthly publication on the use of microcomputer technology in special education and rehabilitation. Information relevant mostly to U.S.A.


(1991) Moray House Publishers, Edinburgh. 8 module package for training those working the field of dual sensory impairment. Although geared to dual sensory impairment much of the material is relevant to multiple disability.

Odor JP

(1986) Judging Mr. Chips.


Occasional pamphlets on use of technology. See under Research Centre for Education of Visually Handicapped.

Touch Screen Software ACE Centre (see below).

Commercial Sources:

Brilliant Computing; PO Box 14; Bradford; BD9 5NF. A comprehensive range of software and interfaces.


Ace Centre; Ormerod School; Waynflete Road; Headington; Oxford OX3 8DD. Blue File Software is freely copiable programs (at cost of production). A wide range of useful programs originally developed by those involved in the Micro-electronics Education Programme (1981-86) developed for special needs pupils. These are constantly updated and titles for Archimedes machines were introduced in 1990. Briefing sheets are produced on a variety of topics in Special Education (see NCET).

CALL Centre; Department of Education; University of Edinburgh; 4 Buccleuch Place; Edinburgh EH8 9LW. Sometime home of Stuart Aitken who co-wrote this book.

National Access Centre; Hereward College; Bramston Crescent; Tile Hill Lane, Tile Hill; Coventry; CV5 9SW. Federation of ACCESS Centres. Contact for one nearest you.

National Council for Educational Technology; National Council for Educational; Technology Unit 6; Science Park; University of Warwick; Coventry CV4 7EZ. Produce a number of publications including a substantial RESOURCES catalogue, a regular bulletin called Special Update, an information summary "Supporting Children with Special Needs" and a set of Briefing Sheets for teachers.

NW SEMERC; Fitton Hill CDC; Rosary Road; Oldham OL8 2QE. Distribute Blue File software on behalf of NCET. Have published a number of documents of practical use to classroom teachers, and produce a regular newsletter called COPY. Co -publish useful information sheets with NCET. Distribute Green File software nationally (i.e. all Apple's public domain software). Distribute the CALL Resource. Write for order form/publications list..

Research Centre for the Education of Visually Handicapped; Department of Special Education; University of Birmingham; Edgbaston; Birmingham. They have been instrumental in developing and distributing information packs and software for use with the visually disabled.

Scottish Sensory Centre (previously Visual Impairment Centre; Moray House Institute; Holyrood Rd.; Edinburgh. Collators and distributors of V.I.S. involved in Raised Diagrams projects. Home of Marianna Buultjens who co-wrote this book.

Visual Impairment Service (V.I.S.) - see Glossary for description. Address:- Moray House Institute; Holyrood Road; Edinburgh.

Royal National Institute for the Blind; 224 Great Portland Street; London W1N 6AA.

International: TRACE Centre; S-151 Waisman Center; 1500 Highland Avenue; Madison; Wisconsin 53705-2280; USA.

Colorado Easter Seal Society; Colorado; USA.