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VIScotland Moving Through

What parent/carers should know about the educational transition process for visually impaired young people in Scotland

This book is based upon research and discussion with teachers, parents and children with visual impairment. Visual Impairment Scotland would like to thank those who helped in the making of this book.

VI Scotland would also like to acknowledge the advice and guidance of the Visual Impairment Services in North and South Lanarkshire.

Visual Impairment Scotland would like to thank Greater Glasgow NHS Board for their continued support, help and advice.

Visual Impairment Scotland would also like to thank North Ayrshire Council (Social Services) for helping to fund this publication.

Visual Impairment Scotland April 2005

This book was written by Dominic Everett and John Ravenscroft

ISBN 0-9546081-2-7

This document may be reproduced in part with the permission of Visual Impairment Scotland

Please note: Throughout this guide all children will be referred to as he/him to keep it as clear and understandable as possible.