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Moving Through


Through the VI Scotland Notification system; the VISKIDS network and our regular Parent Open Days, VI Scotland is fully aware of the importance of education matters to Parents/Carers.

The numerous issues surrounding visual impairment education in Scotland can often be confusing. Education provision is always evolving in terms of; legislation; examination systems; teaching strategies and learning techniques; etc. To obtain a clearer understanding of the key issues relating to visual impairment access to a mainstream education in Scotland, we recommend that you read our recent publication A Parent Guide to Mainstream Visual Impairment Education in Scotland.

Parents/Carers can feel helpless, particularly when their child is starting school or moving on from one stage to another. They often feel that they are not as involved in future planning and preparation.

This booklet is of course, only a snapshot of what is available in Scotland. Every local authority implements policy and delivers services in slightly different ways. We aim to ensure that Parents/Carers of young people with a visual impairment have a good knowledge and understanding of the issues surrounding transition in Scotland. It will focus on the various types of schools that young people with a visual impairment can attend; the different stages of transition that your child will move through; and the main issues that will have to be addressed if your child is to successfully access the school work.

ISBN 0-9546081-2-7