University of Edinburgh

VIScotland Parent Guide to Mainstream Visual Impairment Education

Summing Up

VI Scotland hopes that this Guide has been of some assistance to parents of visually impaired children in Scotland. The increasing numbers of visually impaired young people attending mainstream schools is greatly welcomed. However, for this to be successful local authorities must ensure that schools are fully accessible for learners; make sure that they are adequately resourced; and that teachers are trained to meet the very specific special educational needs of the visually impaired.

In partnership with educational professionals, parents must plan and prepare for their child's future education. You should become involved at the earliest stage and should not be afraid to ask questions on behalf of your child. You should seek advice and information from those who have had similar parental experiences, as well as the various agencies and support groups that can be of assistance. Finally, and most importantly, stay focused on what is the most appropriate way to help your child overcome his/her visual impairment. Work with the professionals so that a successful educational programme will be established that will enable your child to become an active, independent visually impaired adult.