University of Edinburgh

VI Scotland

VI Scotland was a project based in the Scottish Sensory Centre (SSC).


  • To develop and promote a new notification system for visually impaired children, in order to ascertain how many visually impaired children there are in Scotland. We asked parents of visually impaired children to notify or tell us about their child.
  • To develop an information support service for parents that covers education and advice on applying for welfare benefits and access to low vision aids.
  • To provide understandable and relevant medical information regarding the child’s visual condition in a variety of accessible formats.
  • To develop a parent network support community, other parents gave explicit consent to the project to contact other parents directly, thus giving each other the support they seek.
  • To create a club for visually impaired children called viskids. This club aimed to bring together and develop a sense of community for visually impaired children living throughout Scotland.
  • To design a secure Internet based Chatroom for members of the club thus allowing the children to talk to each other in a safe environment.

Visual Impairment Scotland’s website is still available for archive purposes at