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Low Vision Aids (LVAs)

What are LVAs?

LVAs are magnifiers, "Special" glasses or telescopes, which can be used for distance or near tasks. They can also include electronic aids such as video magnifiers (CCTVs) and text enlargement programs for the computer.

Which Children may Benefit?

Any child with a visual impairment, except where the vision is very low, for example when the top letter of the test chart cannot be seen at a distance of one metre. Children should be assessed before they start school as some children may benefit from a simple aid as early as three years old. It is important to help a child to use a LVA as soon as possible.

How do you get referred to a Clinic?

Your Ophthalmologist, Paediatrician or General Practitioner will refer you.

Where are they available from?

LVA clinics may be part of the hospital eye service. Some simple magnifiers may be available from the high street optician or optometrist. These are usually low powered magnifiers. Resource centres have a selection of aids on display and information about them. For your local resource centre contact Social Services or the RNIB. Optical aids are usually supplied on loan through the hospital eye services and exchanged if they are no longer appropriate. Video magnifiers and computers with text enlargement should be provided by your local council's Education Department. Some equipment may be provided by charities or (if for home/leisure use) by the social work department.