University of Edinburgh

What do we mean by Visual Impairment?

[For non-specialist teachers and support workers to raise awareness - can be offered on outreach basis]

Presented on Thursday 22 January 2009

Practical Activities

Participants should be aware that taking part in these activities is at your own risk. Care has been taken to make these activities as safe as possible.
If you feel any discomfort whilst wearing the simulated glasses please take them off.

Blindfold activity

With a partner discuss how you felt when you were wearing the blindfold.

Lunch time

You will be given a pair of simulated specs: Take them with you to lunch but for safety purposes do not put them on until you are seated at the table with your lunch. (Please take the specs off when you are moving around the room.) Try to keep the specs on, at least for a little while whilst you are eating your lunch.
After lunch write down a few notes about how you felt.
Think about what you ate; were some foods easier to eat than others?

Practical Activities

You will be given simulated specs to wear. Put them on before you start each of the activities

Reading and writing activities.

You will be given a piece of paper and asked to complete a few written tasks that will be read out to you. If you found this difficult how could this have been made easier?

Does the type of pen/ pencil that you use make a difference?

What about the paper?

You will be given a written passage to copy. Copy this as quickly and as accurately as you can.

Think about how this might have been made easier for you to do.

Copy the passage from the flipchart.

How could this have been made easier for you to read?

Counting and Measuring

Fill the measuring jug with 20 fluid oz of water.

How could this have been made easier?

Measure the length of the line drawn on the paper that has been given to you.

What difference does the colour make?

Think about enlargement.

Money: What considerations would you need to make when asking young children to sort out coins?

Copy the sums from the flip chart on the paper provided.

Does the paper make a difference?

Art Activities

You will be given a picture to colour in.

How could this have been made easier?

Cutting and pasting: Complete the worksheet that you have been given.

How could this task have been made easier?

Throwing and catching

Work in pairs; Take turns at throwing and catching the balls and beanbags to each other.

Does the colour make a difference?
What else can you do to make this easier?