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Bibliography - Deaf General

A: Association of Directors of Social Services ... [et al]
T: Deaf children: positive practice standards in social services
P: NDCS, 2002
ISBN: 0904691616
Abstract: A guide to working with families with deaf children for social services (in England). Outlines standards and good practice for all areas of social service provision.

A: Bagshaw, Caroline
T: The hard of hearing handbook
P: Imperia Books 1974
ISBN: 1 897656 05 X

A: Bradshaw, Wendy
T: Experience of employers: research into deafness and employment
P: RNID, 2002
ISBN: 0900634944
Abstract: RNID research into employers' experiences of employing deaf or hard-of-hearing people.

A: British Deaf Association
T: Information directory 1999 (4th ed)
P: BDA 1999
ISBN: 0950418765

A: Carter, K C
T: European deaf students can ...: under the auspices of the Commission of European Communities
P: University of Reading 1988

A: Chamba, Rampaul, Ahman, Waqar & Jones, Lesley
T: Improving services for Asian deaf children: parents' and professionals' perspectives
P: Policy/Joseph Rowntree 1998
ISBN: 1861341296

A: Condon, Judith
T: When it's hard to hear
P: Franklin Watts 1998
ISBN: 0749629843

A: Davis, Michael J; Ross, Jacqueline; Sherwood, Lesley; Crawford, John
T: Are you listening? a report on deaf issues in health services
P: Greater Glasgow Health Board, 2000

A: Department for Education and Employment
T: Towards inclusion (BSL)
The government's response to the Disability Rights Task Force report "From exclusion to inclusion"
P: DfEE, 2001
ISBN: 0904691446

A: Department for Education and Skills
T: Developing early intervention/support services for deaf children and their families
P: Nottingham: Dept for Education and Skills, 2003
ISBN: 1841859079

A: Haughton, Emma
T: Living with deafness
P: Wayland 1999
ISBN: 0750223898

A: Health Promotion Department, Greater Glasgow Health Board
T: Way forward: improving the health of Deaf people: a report on the seminar held at Deaf Connections on 10 October 2001
P: Health Promotion Dept, Greater Glasgow Health Board, 2002

A: Jones & Pullen, Lesley, Gloria
T: Everything you wanted to know about deaf people but didn't know how to ask: a guide to deaf people's participation in research Video
P: Joseph Rowntree Foundation 1995

A: Marschark, Marc & Spencer, Patricia Elizabeth
T: Oxford handbook of deaf studies, language and education
P: Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2003
ISBN: 0195149971
Abstract: A wide-ranging work with contributions from experts in various specialisms. Topics include: deaf education, literacy, cultural issues, communication, medical and cognitive issues.

A: Marschark, Marc & Clark, M Diane
T: Psychological perspectives on deafness: Volume 2
P: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates 1998
ISBN: 0805827099

A: National Deaf Children's Society Scotland (NDCS)
T: Omnidirectory: a guide to technology and contacts for deaf and hard of hearing people
P: London: NDCS, 2003
Abstract: A directory and guide to technology for assisting hard-of-hearing and deaf people (with illustrations.) Also includes a general directory of national deaf organisations and local education departments.

A: Quin, Wilhma Rae
T: Understanding childhood deafness
P: British Deaf History Society Pubs 1996
ISBN: 0 7225 3302 0

T: SignLink: video telephone sign language interpreting project
P: Chase Productions 1998
ISBN: (video)
Class: D: Technology

A: Royal National Institute for Deaf People Scotland
T: Scottish best practice standards for deaf, hard of hearing and deafblind people: a consultation document
P: RNID, 2001

A: Royal National Institute for Deaf People
T: Working for change
Deaf awareness guide for employers
P: RNID, 2001

A: Scottish Parliament
T: Get involved in the Scottish Parliament: a guide in British Sign Language
P: Edinburgh: Scottish Parliament, 2003
Abstract: Information in BSL about the different ways in which people can get involved in the work of the Scottish Parliament.

A: Sense & NDCS
T: Vision care for deaf children and young people: guidelines for professionals working with all deaf children
P: Sense, 2004
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A: Sheridan, Martha
T: Inner lives of deaf children: interviews and analysis
P: Gallaudet, 2001
ISBN: 1563681021

A: UK Council on Deafness UKCOD
T: Good practice guide: providing access to public services for deaf people
P: UKCOD, 2001
Abstract: A "how to" guide for professionals working in the field of deafness, organisations providing a service to deaf people and the general public. Includes practical information, advice, good practice checklists and resources.

A: Watson, Linda
T: Spotlight on special educational needs: hearing impairment
P: NASEN 1996
ISBN: 0 906730 82 1

A: Young, Alys; Griggs, Mary; Sutherland, Hilary
T: Deaf child and family intervention services using deaf adult role models: a national survey of development, practice and progress
P: London: RNID, 2000
ISBN: 900634782
Abstract: Research into employing deaf adults as positive role models for projects involved in providing services to deaf children and their families.

A: Young, Alys, Ackerman, Jennifer & Kyle, Jim
T: Looking on: deaf people and the organisation of services [focuses on communication issues between deaf and hearing co-workers]
P: Policy Press 1998
ISBN: 1861340923