University of Edinburgh

Improving Memory Skills in Deaf Young People

Presented on Tuesday 26 January 2010


Increasingly the importance of developing the memory skills of deaf young people is being realised. Marc Marschark, in his lectures which were part of last year's programme, highlighted how improving deaf children's memory skills could well make a substantial difference with respect to their educational attainment. This day provided practical examples of classroom activities which are designed to improve deaf children's memory skills. Also a technique used in St John's School called 'shape coding' was explained. This is supporting children's written syntax through the use of a visual support. Its aim is to improve word order and verb morphology.

Target Audience:

Teachers, Parents and all those involved in the education of deaf young people.


Isabel Gibson, former Assistant Head Teacher and
Angela Cordingley, Teacher of Deaf pupils of St John's School for the Deaf, Boston Spa
Carole Torrance, Deaf Education CPD Organiser, Scottish Sensory Centre