University of Edinburgh

Deafness and Additional/Complex Needs

Presented on Friday, 24th March 2017


This course explored:

  • developing awareness of the incidence and range of additional needs that can accompany deafness;
  • understanding the impact of additional needs upon the developing deaf child;
  • effective audiological management and assessment of hearing loss;
  • understanding of your role as the supporting professional.

These objectives were achieved through:

  • Interactive teaching sessions
  • Workshops
  • Practical activities
  • Sharing of good practice
  • Signposting to resources


Participants said

"Lots of information, links to further resources and opportunity to meet others and discuss ideas and share."

"My eyes were opened on the range of different syndromes that have deafness as a symptom."

Target Audience

All professionals working with deaf young people either in mainstream or specialist provision


Jane Peters, (ToD), Senior Lecturer Mary Hare Courses & Course leader MA/PGDip Educational Studies (Early Years and Deafness).


10.05 am Setting the Scene

11.30 am Communication and Assessment

1.30pm Audiological Management

2.40 pm Practical Ways of Working

3.30 pm Course Evaluation and close