Literacy Workshop 1: Should We Teach Phonics to Deaf Children?

Presented Monday 26 March 2007

Phonics for Deaf Children?

Fiona Jarvis
Specialist SLT

What do we mean by Phonics?

The relationship between phonology and orthography



The study and classification of speech sounds - the sound system of a language, that is, the sounds used in that language.


The organisation of the sound system of a language.

Phonological awareness

The ability to:

Phonemic awareness

The ability to:


The system of spelling and how letters combine to represent sounds and form words in the written form of a language.

Why do we teach Phonics?

Valid Concerns

How do we teach phonics?

Whole to Part

Part to Whole

Potential problems

Useful features

Prerequisites for Learning Phonics

Phonics for deaf children - are we MAD ?

Development of Phonic Skills for deaf children depends on :

but ...

What needs to change?

Accept that in mainstream it is part of the curriculum. Make ourselves familiar with available phonic schemes.

Additional information from...

The acquisition of phonological knowledge does not depend exclusively on hearing. Information from:

can be used in order to build up a visual knowledge of spelling patterns in order to make predictions about words.

What's Different about Visual Phonics?

Which Cues?

Cued Speech - hand-shapes are arbitrary, so no inherent information

Cued Articulation - linguistically based.

Jolly Phonics - language-based cues, not suitable with older children.

What's different? (continued)

+ criteria previously referred to such as being a structured programme with a set order for teaching, being fun, including interesting activities to engage and motivate children to learn.

Colour coding of vowels

A single vowel phoneme can have numerous graphemes eg; /u/ -> oo, ue, u, ou, ui...

A single grapheme 'ou' can be pronounced as eg; ow (bough), uh (tough), aw (bought), oo (through)...

Colour coding of vowels

black grey green

gold blue orange

pink red purple

An Overview of Visual Phonics


Worksheets for each of 38 phonemes:

Introductory Worksheet

a phoneme

ee phoneme

ie phoneme

ow phoneme

m phoneme

p phoneme

sh phoneme

zh phoneme

f phoneme

Pre-Introduction of Visual Phonics

It was found useful to work on ...

Role of the Teacher and SLT


What Next?