University of Edinburgh

Twilight Networking Opportunity

for Teachers of the Deaf and Teachers of the Visually Impaired in and around Edinburgh area

Presented on Tuesday, 6th February 2018


Colleagues met for a chat over tea and coffee and to share good practice. There were guest speakers.

Hearing Impairment:

Rachel O'Neill provided an update about the Online Reading Research Project, and also talked about Language Modification of course materials.

Visual Impairment:

Professor John Ravenscroft talked about how to assess children who have Cerebral Visual Impairment.

Participants said:

[As a result of this event I will] "Check resources mentioned - try adapting more material. Look out for research publications."

"The networking and info to take back." [was best]

Target Audience

For teachers of the deaf and teachers of the visually impaired who work within easy travelling distance to Edinburgh.


Rachel O'Neill, Lecturer, Programme director MSc Inclusive Education, School of Education, University of Edinburgh.
Professor John Ravenscroft, Head of Scottish Sensory Centre and Chair of Childhood Visual Impairment, University of Edinburgh.


Teachers of the Deaf

4.30 pm
Networking facilitated by Meriel Sweetnam

5.30 pm
Update on the Online Reading Research Project - Rachel O’Neill
Language Modification of course materials

Teachers of the Visually Impaired

4.30 pm
Networking facilitated by Elizabeth McCann
What’s new at the SSC?

5.15 pm
Cerebral Visual Impairment - John Ravenscroft

6.15 pm
Questions, Event Evaluation and Close