University of Edinburgh

Mental Health and Deafness

Presented on 5 June 2008


Statistics show that deaf children are at risk of developing behavioural, social, emotional, and mental health problems. Evidence also indicates that difficulties can persist into adulthood. This session explored possible explanations for this higher prevalence of difficulties in deaf children and adults. It is argued that if we know why the difficulties occur, then we can seek to address areas which we know are crucial for children's development and thus take a preventative approach. This talk incorporated some mental health awareness, teaching on emotional literacy and provide some practical activities and suggestions for teachers to carry out in schools.

Dr Constanza Moreno is a deaf clinical psychologist working at Hightrees Deaf Child and Family Service in London.

Presenters: Mary Dowell, Chartered Teacher of the Deaf, St Vincent's School for the Deaf, Glasgow representing the Scottish Sensory Centre
Dr Constanza Moreno, Deaf Clinical Psychologist, Hightrees Deaf Child and Family Service, London
Shanée Buxton, Oak Lodge School, London


10.20 am Welcome and Introduction, Mary Dowell

10.30 am (2-part presentation)

Emotions lessons (sample activities)

1.30 pm Enhancing the development of functioning and emotional well-being workshops:

  • Strategies for the classroom
  • Strategies for individuals