University of Edinburgh

Counselling Skills: Part 2

Presented on Tuesday, 7th March 2017


This course offered an opportunity to explore and extend the skills of listening deeply to those affected by hearing losses for those who attended Part 1 of the counselling course. Using group sessions, and new DVD materials, course participants experienced the impact of being part of a counselling conversation and will have the time to think about how their working practice might be changed using these techniques.

Learning objectives:

  • To recognise the differences between professional and non professional counselling.
  • To review the characteristics of non professional counselling.
  • To understand the skills needed to engage in “deep listening” when talking to children, adults or family members.
  • To practise deep listening skills in small groups.
  • To experience the effect and impact of being part of a counselling conversation.
  • To gain insights from parents through DVD based materials.
  • To reflect upon current practice and consider how it could be changed by using non professional counselling techniques.

Participants said

"Kate was fantastic, easy to listen to, very knowledgeable and informative. Great pace."

[I will] "Focus on how I listen and endeavour to engage more fully with families."


Target Audience

Suitable for all professionals working with children, young people or adults, and their families.


Kate Dixon, Teacher of the Deaf, The Ear Foundation, Nottingham


10.30 am Professionals learning to listen: recap
10.40 am 'Listen for it' - The Iceberg Moment
11 am Group Activity
11.45 am The Listening Circle
12 pm Locus of control and seeing people as whole, capable and resourceful
1.45pm Family Centred Practice; the skills of being a coach
2.15 pm Handling crucial conversations; strategies
3.15 pm Tools and resources
3.30 pm Course Evaluations