University of Edinburgh

SSC Certificate in Post Level 2 British Sign Language (BSL)


The aim of the course is to refresh teachers, Communication Support Workers and others about BSL at level 2 CACDP standard and to move you on towards level 3. This is not a level 3 course, but the SSC may consider organising a CACDP non-NVQ route BSL course after this 15-week pilot. This post-level 2 course will include:

  • a more detailed understanding of the BSL of deaf young people
  • subject specific vocabulary in Maths, Science and English
  • giving explanations in BSL - useful for teachers
  • working with the Deaf Community to enhance your teaching or educational support role.

How you will study: The classes will be for two hours a week over 15 weeks between September 2008 - January 2009. You will study for a total of 30 hours in class. You will be expected to set aside regular time of another two hours a week to interact with a range of BSL users, watch TV and computer clips in BSL and investigate how BSL is used by deaf people. It will be helpful if you have access to a computer with broadband for homework tasks. This could be at work, at home or in your local library. Please arrange to buy, borrow or share a video camera for completing course work tasks. Your employer may be able to assist with the loan of equipment.

How you will be assessed: There will be a homework task each week – either watching a clip on the internet and reporting back on it or filming yourself producing a short piece of BSL. You will receive signed or written comments on your homework tasks. In the second half of the course the homework tasks will become assessed course work. You will produce two pieces of BSL on video and pass two receptive skills tasks for the course work. The work will be marked by the course tutor and internally verified by the SSC.

Level of the course: This course is at approximately Level 5/6 on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework. However, it is not accredited with an external exam board. It is a bridging course to prepare students for CACDP Level 3 (equivalent to SCQF 7). You will receive an SSC Certificate on the successful completion of the course.

Target Audience: Teachers of deaf children/Tutors of deaf students/Communication Support Workers

Qualifications needed before entry: CACDP BSL Level 2

Resources needed: Access to a computer with broadband and a webcam, and access to a video camera.

Tutors: To be announced. Tutors will be graduates of the TOTs (Training of Trainers) course held at Heriot-Watt University between 2005 - 2007.

How to apply: Please fill in an application form and return to Ruth Simpson at the SSC by end of July 08. Enclose a copy of your CACDP Level 2 Certificate. Write a short statement confirming you have access to the resources needed and are able to spend time each week outside class meeting and signing with a range of Deaf BSL users.