British Sign Language Glossaries of Curriculum Terms

Teams of BSL linguists and subject specialists have created this resource by gathering any existing terms and creating new terms in BSL for those that do not. The glossary terms are supported by signed definitions, lab experiments and examples.

Winner of "Data for Good Initiative of the Year" 2023 Award (British Data Awards)

Above and Below

Inspired by the book for younger children about animals and where they live. Features nearly 100 animals from a variety of habitats: North Pole, Ocean, Savannah, Mountain Caves, Rainforest, Clifftops, River, and Forests.

We commissioned deaf wildlife specialist, John Denerley, to record BSL signs for these animals. Features illustrations from the book by Patricia Hegarty and illustrated by Hanako Clulow with kind permission from Caterpillar Books.

Above and Below - Animals in BSL

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The BSL Glossary would not exist without our funders which are acknowledged on each main topic home page. We would like to also thank Deaf Scots Trust and BATOD for funding to help maintain the technology behind the Glossary.

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