University of Edinburgh

Positive Mental Health in Children & Young People

Presented on Tuesday, 24th September 2019


Mental health is a key ingredient in helping children to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors. Without positive mental health, children and young people are at risk for a range of difficulties. But how does positive mental health develop, and how can we help children and young people who are struggling?

This one-day course gave an invaluable understanding of mental health and relevant strategies to support young people. Key learning included:

  • What is mental health? Why does it matter?
  • The neuroscience of brain development
  • Impact of toxic stress and early life adversity ('Adverse Childhood Experiences')
  • Links between mental health and behaviour - how can we help?
  • Mental health 'red flags' - when to refer on for further support
  • Secondary stress and self-care.

NB: This course was a repeat of the course originally held on 30th April 2019.


Target Audience

Teachers of children with visual impairment, teachers of deaf children, class teachers, support for learning teachers and assistants, educational psychologists, social workers, and parents/carers.


Frances Griffin, Place2Be Consultant trainer in Teacher Education.


10.30 am What is Mental Health? Frances Griffin

11.15 am Mental Health and Brain development

1.15 pm Behaviour through a Mental Health lens

2.30 pm Emotion Coaching and Mental Health red flags

3.30 pm Self-care

3.45 pm Course Evaluation