University of Edinburgh

Motivate - Engage - Influence - Control: assistive and communication technology for learners with severe and complex ASN including visual impairment

Date: Wednesday, 28th August 2019
Venue: SSC, Edinburgh
Time: 10 am - 4 pm
Fee: £110

Note: Closing date is 26th June 2019


This course explores good practice in use of assistive and communication technology at the earliest levels of learning for young people with severe and complex additional support needs including those with visual impairment. We will look at strategies for motivating and engaging pre-intentional learners with technology and help them make progress toward an understanding of cause and effect.

We will highlight positive examples of young people working at a cause and effect level across a range of access devices and share assessment and recording materials, teaching strategies and lesson ideas to help them consolidate their understanding that they are able to extend influence and control over the world around them.

Access to comprehensive handouts will be provided which include links to free assessment and recording materials, developmental skills progression guides and over 300 free teaching activities for switch, touch-screen, mouse and eye gaze users.

Target Audience

Teachers of children with complex ASN, headteachers/depute headteachers of special schools, teachers of visual impairment.


Ian Bean, Independent Special Needs ICT and assistive technology specialist